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We offer other occupational health and safety courses that are developed and delivered by NIU safety experts. These courses are offered for a limited time only and registration is limited. Please see the schedule below for the next available courses.

Industrial Electrical Safety

This class will focus on the recognition and elimination of commonly found OSHA electrical issues. This class is taught by John Newquist who has taught electrical safety for OSHA, NECA, and the IBEW for 30 years.


  • Prevent electrical injuries.
  • Identify Electrical hazards found in industrial companies.
  • Understand compliance with OSHA standards.
Course Date Fee
Industrial Electrical Safety 2023 dates coming soon $150


Introduction to Process Safety Management

This class will introduce the student to OSHA Process Standard and the required 14 elements. This class is taught by John Newquist who created the PSM class for OSHA and conducted several PSM for OSHA.


  • Students will determine coverage under the PSM standard.
  • Describe the National Emphasis Program for inspections of PSM covered chemical facilities.
  • Understand OSHA inspection procedures and required documents.
Course Date Fee
Intro to Process Safety Management 2023 dates coming soon $150


ASP Prep Class

This course prepares you for the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification exam by reviewing the required aspects of safety and health areas and test-taking strategies. During this course, you will review all nine domains covered in the exam blueprint. All students will receive a digital study book to help them prepare for the exam. This class is taught by John Newquist who is CSP, CIT, OHST, and CHST and taught certification preparation for over 15 years.


  • Calculate and solve common ASP math problems.
  • Be able to explain safety management principles and terms.
  • Demonstrate the skill to assess hazards found in the workplace.
Course Date Fee
ASP Prep Class  2023 dates coming soon $600


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