About the National Safety Education Center

The National Safety Education Center (NSEC) is one of 26 OSHA Training Institute Education Centers in the nation. These education centers are a national network of non-profit organizations authorized by OSHA to deliver occupational safety and health training to public and private sector workers, supervisors and employers. Our partnership, which consists of Northern Illinois University and the Construction Safety Council, allows us to teach courses in OSHA's Region V (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin).

Our Location

The National Safety Education Center's main offices are located within Northern Illinois University. The center's address is:

National Safety Education Center
148 N. 3rd Street
DeKalb, IL 60115-2854

Our Mission

The National Safety Education Center is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality, OSHA-authorized training that enhances the health, safety, and performance of America’s workforce.

Core Values

Our guiding principles include:

  • Professionalism and excellence
  • Timely and trusted
  • Community and collaboration
  • Respect and honesty
  • Passion and integrity
OSHA Training Institute Education Centers®

Contact Us

National Safety Education Center
148 N. 3rd St
DeKalb, IL 60115
815-753-4203 (fax)

For questions regarding payment for courses, call 800-656-5317

For questions on submitting 10-hour and 30-hour card requests or replacement cards, call 815-753-6904


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